The way your Mind, Body and Soul is meant to FLOW
Yoga, Fitness & Elevated Wellness.
Who We Are

We are a beautiful downtown Dallas studio offering yoga, fitness and total wellness services. We have two studios, one with infrared heat and one for performance, and a relaxing lounge and retail store with a range of mindfulness products. Our six signature formats of classes cater to different levels and goals. We also provide holistic services such as meditation, breathwork, sound healing and mindfulness courses. Our welcoming and supportive community is here to support you on your journey to a healthier Mind, Body & Soul.

What To Expect At Flow

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner on the path to wellness, we welcome you with open arms. Rather than sticking to one school of thought on yoga and fitness, our instructors draw from both modern and traditional concepts of yoga, pilates, sculpt, strength training and mindfulness to offer the most effective and complete class experience possible!

Classes your mind, body & soul will love

Our signature classes combine alignment, breathwork, and movement for a unique mind-and-body practice. Our instructors are skilled, inspiring, and adaptable to all levels.

Whether you are in Glory’s Room (infrared heated) or Robert’s Room (performance based); we are here to help you FLOW through life with health & happiness.

Power FLOW
Power Yoga + Sweaty Fun Vinyasa Flows

This powerful class will have you flowing through creative and challenging sequences that will keep your body guessing and craving more. Class is located in our state-of-the-art infrared heated studio. Expect to turn stress into sweat as you breathe, move & FLOW.

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Sculpt FLOW
Yoga + Weights + Cardio

This upbeat class combines traditional yoga poses, strength training and bursts of cardio to create an intense workout you will want to come back to time and time again. It will leave you feeling stronger, energized and uplifted.

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Pilates FLOW
Mat Pilates + Props + Yoga Flows

This unique class is a hybrid of mat pilates, yoga and barre; especially designed to sculpt, lengthen and strengthen your entire body. Expect to be challenged in a new way every class with a mix of props; ranging from pilates rings, balls, bands and hand weights.

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Cardio + Strength Training + Yoga Flows

This innovative class is structured with a combination of high-intensity movements and cardio-based flows to get your endorphins up and your heart pumping. Prepare to enjoy the benefits of a power yoga class combined with the calorie-blasting benefits of HIIT.

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Restorative Yoga + Guided Meditation

This class begins with an intention that sets the tone for total mind, body and soul healing. Combining the best of yin, restorative and gentle yoga with the power of mediation. Expect to ground yourself in the present moment and fall in love with the sound of your breath.

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Prenatal FLOW
Pre/Postnatal Yoga + Fitness

This safe prenatal power flow class combines breath work, strength building movement and supportive stretches that is perfect for expecting mothers in all trimesters. Expect safe sequencing that helps strengthen pelvic muscles, support the spine and releases tension.

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Become A Member of FLOW

We are committed to excellence in teaching, service to our community, and meeting our clients where they are to support their personal growth. If you love to feel the FLOW our monthly membership autopay plans are especially for you!

  1. Join our supportive community of teachers, staff and students
  2. Attend any yoga class and get special offers
  3. Learn, grow, and transform your mind, body & soul.
  4. Practice with some of the leading teachers in the industry

First Class Free
For those that have never visited or attended any FLOW events, classes or pop-ups.

Founders FLOW

Offer available until August 17th

  • Recurring Monthly Payment 
  • Unlimited classes at FLOW
  • Priority in-studio booking (14 days early)
  • Buddy Passes, so you can flow with a friend (1 pass/billing cycle)
  • 15% off in-studio retail purchases
  • 15% off Special Events, Workshops & Trainings
  • Price locked in for 1yr(365 days) minimum
  • 180 days commitment

*The foregoing is a summary only and is subject to Flow Mind Body Soul terms and policies which include an Arbitration Agreement and class action waiver. 

3 For $30
  • New Client Special: Get 3 Classes for the low price of $30!
  • Activated on your first visit after purchase.
  • Must use within 10 days after first visit.

*The foregoing is a summary only and is subject to Flow Mind Body Soul terms and policies which include an Arbitration Agreement and class action waiver

10 Class Pack Special
  • Fall Special: Buy 10 class pack & get 2 bonus classes
  • Activated on your first visit after purchase.
  • Expiration date: 6 months after activation.

*The foregoing is a summary only and is subject to Flow Mind Body Soul terms and policies which include an Arbitration Agreement and class action waiver

Drop In
  • Drop In Special $25
  • Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience the best that Flow Mind Body Soul has to offer for this reduced rate!

Meet Our Inspiring Yoga Instructors

Guiding You Towards Transformation and Empowerment

Discover the exceptional expertise and nurturing guidance of our highly skilled team at Flow Mind Body Soul. With a diverse range of styles and a deep understanding of yoga philosophy, our instructors create a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your potential, deepen your practice, and find inner balance. They blend mindfulness, breathwork, and alignment principles, guiding you towards self-discovery, self-love, and a deeper connection to your authentic self. Join us and embark on a life-changing yoga adventure that will leave you feeling nourished, uplifted, and empowered, both on and off the mat.

Georgette Dunn
CEO Founder

Georgette Dunn is the PROUD Owner + Founder of Flow Mind Body Soul studio in Dallas, TX. Her vision for FLOW was born out of a desire to build a welcoming space for people to connect with themselves and their community through yoga, movement, and meditation. Georgette has over 12 years of experience in teaching various styles of yoga, from vinyasa to restorative, and she loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. Georgette’s mission is to inspire people to live more authentically, joyfully, and peacefully by cultivating a balanced mind, body, and soul. 

Things to Know
We offer two exclusive options for your session. When it comes to yoga mats, your choices are limited to purchasing or renting from our selection. Additionally, we encourage you to bring your own water to stay hydrated. We also offer water bottles for purchase. Remember to keep yourself hydrated and nourished throughout your yoga journey.
Arrive Early
No one has ever regretted showing up early. Arriving 15 minutes before class will give you time to check in, meet your instructor and ask questions.
Say 'Hello' to your Instructor
Your instructor will get you set up. They'll also want to know all about you—what you love about exercise, your physical history, previous injuries, your goals, your pregnancy—everything.
Studio Information
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